HEER – Health

Our HEALTH committee is led by Niya Hargreaves for the 2018-2019 chapter year along with the following members: Ann Adderley, Pat Bantom, Alexis Brown, Madeline Brown, BethAnn Harwell, Tracey Henderson, Evelyn Johns, Regina Meacham-Devero, Angela Merritte Mansaray and Kia Medley-Stephens.

The MISSION of the committee, along with our national initiatives are to provide education and hands–on learning to local area, low income students to increase awareness of the issue of bullying and cyberbullying; the importance of healthy eating habits and regular physical activities to prevent Childhood Obesity; and the importance of dental hygiene for good oral health.

Our GOALS are to engage students in discussions to help reduce and prevent bullying and cyberbullying in the schools, to lower the risk of violence and suicide among children; and to educate on what consists of healthy eating with emphasis on making better dietary choices among commonly consumed foods. We also engage students in discussions of what good dental care looks like and the importance of having a healthy dental regimen. We also help educate our chapter members with information for Heart Healthy Living during the Go Red for Women campaign, sponsored by the American Heart Association. 

Overall, the Health committee seeks to help children and their families understand the importance of having a mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy lifestyle. Through our program, we provide the tools and resources to help them establish one.